Phytonutrients at work!


CBD + Sea Buckthorn

Two natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients medically formulated for the first time.

We combined two powerful, organic phytonutrients (Full Spectrum CBD + Sea Buckthorn Oil) to create an optimally effective CBD product.

Our pearl are safe, effective and only include all-natural ingredients.

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Why Sea BD Pearls Works

Real Science. Real Benefits.

The mix of CBD and Sea Buckthorn Oil wasn’t developed by accident. It was the tireless result of countless test formulations by our physician specialists and development team, who understood the potential of these ingredients.

SeaBD Pearls are two powerful phytonutrients combined. First and foremost, designed for optimal wellness benefits. Beyond this, Sea BD Pearls provides 2x - 3x the CBD dosage, as well as, an abundance of antioxidants.


Full Spectrum CBD + Sea Buckthorn Oil

The key ingredients in Sea BD Pearls have existed in this world forever. Only recently have they been combined and medically formulated by physicians to create a remarkably effective wellness supplement.

Physician Selected for Highest Quality

Naturally sourced and medically formulated.

Our physicians source the highest quality of CBD in the United States.

Our Sea Buckthorn Oil is harvested from the source and is the only plant known to contain every omega fatty acid.